Closing down this blog and turning to tumblr.

Hello everyone, I would like to say a great thanks to those who come here to support S.H.E and wanting to get the latest info on S.H.E here but I would like to say a great sorry to everyone too because I have disappointed you for not updating much frequently here as I said I would update here every week but I didn’t hold on to that promise.

In order to update S.H.E news much easier for me and letting you all S.H.E fans get their latest info easier, I decided to switch to Tumblr instead instead using this WordPress blog. Tumblr is much easier to manage and there are some S.H.E lover fans on Tumblr too so I think that managing Tumblr is a more wiser choice to do.

Alright, the link to the Tumblr blog is . Hope that you all would still come and support! 😀



Welcome to the another of a fan-owned S.H.E fanblog!

So hello and welcome to those who accidentally came to this blog or come here to check out on S.H.E! I know outside this blog there could be hundreds of this similar blog and they are all hardcore S.H.E fans and therefore this blog is also specially created for them!:3

I would try to regularly update this blog with the latest happening of S.H.E like every week or so.

Hope you all would enjoy coming to this blog and remember to SUPPORT S.H.E!!!!! ^^


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